Welcome to Wallington Little League a league whose ethos is football for all.

We welcome children from the ages of 4 years to under 14 years to join us regardless of ability. No knowledge or experience of the sport is required as our aim is to teach the children the sport and most importantly for them to have fun along the way. We are the only Sunday morning Little league and all matches take place within Beddington Park. We operate a zero tolerance of negative behaviour and so you can be assured your child will play in a safe and positive environment. We pride ourselves on having a great community vibe and see all our patrons and young stars as extended family.

Please take a tour of our website where you can view various items from the history of Little League football, rules, fixtures, tables and who is who within the committee. We also have a Facebook group and page to be located at Wallington Little League in both lower and upper case as well as Twitter @Officalwll.

Wallington Little League Football for all



A warm welcome back to you all on this chilly Sunday and a very Happy new year.

Today was the start of the second half of the season for Bantams, Juniors, Inters and Seniors. Fledglings will begin the second half of their season next Sunday the 15th. All the tables have been updated and the winners of the first half of the season are listed by their relevant tables. Inters is still to be decided as there is a match outstanding between Sherwood Saints and Grange Rovers. The date of this match is yet to be confirmed.

Just some random facts for the 1st half of the season a total of 732 goals were scored over the 5 leagues. That’s amazing.

Fledglings scored a total of 98 (93 league goals and 5 goals in friendly matches).                            Bantams scored a total of 194 (135 league, 35 in friendlies and 24 in cup matches).                        Juniors scored a total of 146 (91 league, 37 in friendlies and 18 in cup matches.                              Inters scored 147 (134 league and 13 in cup matches).                                                                      Seniors scored 147 as well (133 league and 14 in cup matches).

A great first half of season. Here is to a amazing second half and good luck to all the teams

Heather x



Wallington Little League has been serving the community for 41 years and growing from strength to strength. Along with our growth comes the added responsibility. The most important one of all being the safeguarding of the children at the League. We would like to reassure all that in light of the recent news stories we take the safety of the children in our league seriously and have measures in place to ensure this. We have three Welfare Officers at the League, one being myself and the others are Matthew Durbridge (Vice Chairman) and Colin Dillon (Chairman)

I have attached a link to the Surrey FA which I hope you will all take the time to read. This details the safeguarding policy we adhere to. click here

If you ever have any concerns please talk to us in confidence

Please be assured the safety of the children is paramount to us all