Don’t be a litterbug

admin   February 7, 2016   Comments Off on Don’t be a litterbug


We need your help each week and it’s not a big ask.  We all have a responsibility to keep our park clean and we really need you all to adhere to the rubbish policy at Wallington Little League.

The park is council run and we are expected to keep the pitches and surrounding areas clean and tidy.  As you know the league is run by an incredible team of volunteers who tirelessly put up nets, goalposts, corner flags, parent barriers and more each week, all we ask in return is that you please clean up after you and your child; this means taking your litter to the bins (there are loads nearby) or taking it home with you.

SERIOUS POINT! If we fail to keep the pitch areas clear of rubbish the council could fine the league or worse stop us from using the pitches altogether.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep the pitch and surrounding areas clear of bottles, wrappers and all forms of rubbish – this will mean a lot to the league and safe guard the future of the league.



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