Fledglings Rules 2017/18

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Fledglings Rules

  1. All squads to be a maximum of 7 players
  2. All squads to conform to Wallington Little League rulings as stated in National Little League rules
  3. Pitches are to be set up and ready by 9.15 which then leaves you as a manager and team 15 mins warm up/team talk time ready for a prompt 9.30 start.
  4. Manager’s who are first kick off are to collect the goals, respect barrier, first aid kit, 4 corner flag poles, respect sign and in the absence of a referee the match ball from the rear of the cafe. If a referee is present he will collect and return the match ball. Manager’s who are last kick off must pack away all equipment and return to the storage area within the cafe. NOTE: Goal bags are to be carried and not dragged as this will prevent damage to the equipment.
  5. All matches must start on time to prevent late starts for the teams that follow and to allow for a prompt 11.05 finish.
  6. If all players are present for kick off and all equipment is erected then the match should start on time at 9.30. If this is not the case then match time must be reduced in order for the following matches to kick off on time.
  7. Once the match is finished all teams must clear the pitch immediately in order for the teams following to start their match.
  8. Matches are to be 15 minutes each half with a 5 minute half time break unless otherwise stated.
  9. Each team can field a maximum of 5 players at one time, one being a goalkeeper.
  10. If a manager knows that his team will have less than 5 players available, then it can be postponed 24hrs before kick off.
  11. There will be no loans and no player may play until the League Secretary tells the League Rep that they are registered.
  12. The lowest number each team may play with is 4 players. If you have less than 4 players a 1-0 forfeit will be awarded to the opposing team. A friendly match will then be played whereby players are shared equally between the 2 teams.
  13. A match maybe cancelled up to 24 hours before kick off time, but after this time the game is forfeited and the opposing team is awarded the win with a 1-0 win.
  14. A substitution is a roll on, roll off strategy, this can be as many times as you wish during the game under supervision of a referee.
  15. Every player must be guaranteed at least half a match per week.
  16. Goal keepers can not pick up a back pass, this will result in a direct free kick from the alleged pass back.
  17. Goal kicks. A player of the team in possession (The Attacking team) kicks the ball from any point within the penalty area. The opponents (The defending team) must retreat to their own half until the ball is in play. The attacking team can position themselves anywhere within the field of play. The attacking team must wait for the opposition to retreat before the ball is played. The defending team may only cross the halfway line when the ball is in play. The ball is deemed to be in play once the ball has cleared the attacking team’s penalty area. Should the defending team encroach prior to the ball clearing the penalty area then the kick will be retaken.
  18. If a child makes a foul throw in the throw in twice than it will be awarded to the other team.
  19. All free kicks in your half are to be indirect and in the opposing half direct regardless of the offence.
  20. Every opposing player must be 4m from all free kicks/corner kicks.
  21. Any handball (intentional or unintentional) will be penalised with a free kick/penalty, this is to remove the issue of ball to hand etc. However, as these children are aged 4/5 years if they are clearly guarding their faces from the ball this can not be considered a hand ball.
  22. The spectators are to acknowledge the Respect line and all managers are to see this carried out.
  23. There will be no cards, the officials are to speak to the managers regarding foul play, abusive or racial language and the managers are to talk/substitute the player and the League Rep is to be informed.
  24. The officials word is FINAL any problems please find the League Rep if the problem is with the League rep please seek out the League Secretary
  25. In the absence of a referee it is the manager’s/assistant’s responsibility to ref half a game and the opposition manager/assistant to ref half a game. If this is not possible seek a parent who can ref the match. Please ensure whoever is to ref the game is fully versed with the rules.
  26. Only one manager should coach the team when the game is in play.
  27. Please inform all parents/supporters we follow the Respect code of practice. Any violent, abusive and racial actions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and if necessary we will call the local authority. All parents are to remain behind the spectator barrier and are not allowed to stand behind the goal area or on the opposite side of the pitch, this area is for managers only.
  28. Any abusive or violent outbursts by parents will result in the team concerned being penalized and a 3 nil win being awarded to the opposing team regardless of the score at the time of the offence.
  29. Ball size is 3
  30. All cup matches if tied at full time will go to 5 minutes each way extra time with a 2 minute break at half time, in the event of the match still being drawn a penalty shoot out best of 5 will take place. If scores are still tied then it will go down to sudden death until a eventual winner is found.
  31. All players on the pitch at the end of extra time may may be considered for a penalty, no substitutes can take a penalty if they were not on the field of play in the second half.
  32. No team can change their goalkeeper if a penalty is awarded against them, the goalkeeper at the time of the infringement must face the penalty kick.
  33. No team can change their goalkeeper for a penalty shoot out. They must have the goalkeeper who was in goal in the second half of extra time.
  34. If the game is cancelled in the first half of the season due to bad weather/unable to field a team 24 hours before kick off time and we are unable to reschedule the match the corresponding fixture in the second half of the season becomes a double header. This means the first half of the match is counted as the match from the first half of the season and the second half of the match will count for the match of that day. (3 points for win or 1 point for a draw each match)
  35. In the event of both fixtures falling foul to the weather/unable to field a team 24 hours prior to kick off and the match can not be rescheduled then a score of 0-0 will be awarded to both teams and they will earn 1 point each.
  36. The season is made up up of 3 competitions. The league title, Cup competition and Plate competition.
  37. The season is in 2 halves. The winners of the first half of the season will play the winners of the second half of the season in the League play offs to decide the outright League champions. If one team wins both halves of the season they will be crowned the league champions and no league play off will be required.
  38. Managers are to ensure all players are wearing the correct foot wear and shin pads and to collect all team tops in at the end of every match.
  39. All kits inclusive of tops and shorts must be returned to the manager within 2 weeks of the end of season. Failure to do so may lead to the cost of the kit being reimbursed to the league by the parents.

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